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Connexion by Boeing lentokoneissa loppuu, mutta...

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Tulipas juuri emaili...ei paskempia uutisia sano...tosin nyt kun kaikki "köyhät"  ::) pääsee linjoille, verkot on sitten tukossa...


"Dear Customer,


On August 17, 2006, the Boeing Company announced that after a detailed analysis of the Connexion by Boeing business, the company has decided to exit the high-speed broadband communications connectivity market. Boeing is now working with its customers to facilitate an orderly phase out of the Connexion by Boeing service. Passengers traveling on Internet-equipped flights will be able to use the service until it is phased out which will occur between now and the end of the year, depending on the airline. For the full text of the company's announcement click here.


Starting on Oct. 2nd, 2006, the in-flight Internet service will be free of charge.


If you have any questions about the service termination, please review the frequently asked questions listed below. You may also contact our Customer Care Center via e-mail or telephone (information listed below) with any questions or comments.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you shutting down?

Although the product works well and customers who have used it have a high regard for the service, the global market for the service has not developed satisfactorily and the company has decided to discontinue offering the service.


Will the service be taken over by another company? Will the service be provided by someone else?

The Connexion by Boeing service will discontinue. There are currently no plans to transition the service to another provider.


Do I need a special promotional offer to obtain free service?

No, your existing credentials can still be used to obtain free service. You will need to enter a credit card number for user validation purposes only. Your credit card will not be charged after the service becomes free on October 2nd, 2006.


When is the last day you will have service?

The service to the commercial airlines will cease at the end of the year although individual airlines may choose to terminate the service on their aircraft prior to that date.


Will service continue to be available on advertised flights?

Passengers traveling on Connexion equipped airline flights may continue to use the Connexion by Boeing service until the end of 2006, unless an airline determines that it wishes to terminate the service earlier.


What will you do with my personal information stored in your systems?

The personal data will be stored for a time to ensure customer support can be provided and transaction history requirements met. After that time, both online data and backups will be destroyed according to industry best practices for disposal of sensitive information.


What will happen to my stored personal account information?

Any information provided to Connexion by Boeing during user registration will be under strict protection by The Boeing Company in accordance with the privacy terms and conditions of the service and will not be shared with any third party.


I have a Connexion by Boeing promotional card good for a discount, free minutes, or a free flight. Is it still valid?

You may continue to use any non-expired discount card while the service remains activated. When the free service period begins, in no event shall a combination of service discounts or free service result in a balance due to any user. Once the service is terminated, cards may not be redeemed or exchanged.



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Kummallista, luulis että lentoyhtiöillä olisi aikamoinen intressi säilyttää kalliit laitteet koneessa. Tuskin niitä poiskaan revitään?

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