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DC-8 -kyytiä tarjolla!

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Saksalainen Airevents tarjoaa nyt nykymaailmassa ainutlaatuista mahdollisuutta päästä lentämään DC-8:lla.


Ympärilento VIP-varustellulla DC-8-62:lla (P4-DCE) lähtisi Bukarestin Baneasan kentältä 29.04.2006


29 April - Jetline DC8-62 sightseeing flight from Bucharest


We have been offered this DC8-62 P4-DCE for a sightseeing flight. The day we

are planning to operate this flight is 29 April, a saturday. The flight will

depart from Bucharest}s Baneasa airport. The ticket price will be in the

region of 400 to 450 EUR, including all taxes and fees and a glass of

champagne! Please let us know if you are willing and / or able to attend

this flight as a minimum number of travellers is needed to operate it. We

will time the flight so that passengers can reach Bucharest in the morning.

The following airlines have low-cost flights to the Romanian Capital:,,,, Besides, most major European carriers fly there and some

have some good fares available. Please do NOT book any flights yet but let

me know by the end of this week (19 March) possibly if you can come along so

that we can make the date and booking definite or go for another one, should

you require that.


As for the DC-8, please drop me a line as soon as possible if you are



You can make reservations for all other flights by simply sending me an



Our homepage is currently a little bit of a nightmare. A

new one is launching soon, hopefully by the middle of march. You can get an

impression of what it will look like at


Best regards from Cologne,




Jos kiinnostaa matka Romaniaan, laittakaa äkkiä postia osoitteeseen !

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