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Touch'n go treenejä Kaliforniassa - 2 kuoli

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Lainaus paikallisen NBC:n sivuilta:

(linkki: http://www.nbc4.tv/news/5957807/detail.html )


Two Killed When Plane Crashes Near Lancaster Airfield

Plane Crashes East Of Airfield



LOS ANGELES -- Two people were killed Monday when a small plane crashed near Lancaster.



The private airplane crashed near North 35th Street West and East Avenue F, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The crash occurred east of the Gen. William J. Fox Airfield.


The plane was identified as a CIRRUS SR22. The plane is equipped with a parachute, which probably deployed when the plane crashed, according to the sheriff's department.


"This particular model of airplane is factory equipped with a ballistic chute," said LA County Deputy Sheriff Dave Patterson. "It evidently deployed upon impact. So, the pilot and passenger were not able to deploy it. It's a safety feature."


The CIRRUS Airframe Parachute System deploys a 55-foot diameter parachute. The plane, suspended under the parachute, is then lowered to the ground.


Authorities did not say what caused the crash. The victims' identities were not released.


There were no survivors. The coroner's office said both occupants were killed on impact.


The National Transportation Safety Board has been notified and likely will assume the lead in the investigation of the crash, said Savage.


Witnesses said the pilot was practicing touch-and-go maneuvers and landing.


"It was coming into the upwind, and when it turned into the crosswind, that's when the witness heard the engines shut down," said Capt. Roland Spruelle of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.


The plane's owner is a realtor in Santa Clarita who told NBC4 that he leased the plane to a Van Nuys flight school. Authorities are attempting to determine who rented the plane.

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