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Climate Impulse - Vedyllä maailman ympäri

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Bertrand Piccard ja André Borschberg tekivät muutama vuosi sitten Solar Impulse lennon aurinkovoimalla maapallon ympäri. Nyt Piccardilla on suunnitelmissa lentää vetykäyttöisellä koneella maailman ympäri non-stoppina. Climate Impulse lennon on tarkoitus tapahtua 2028.



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Dear Friends,

I’m fed up with eco-pessimism. Wherever we look, climate action has never been so urgent, and yet so divisive. I want to restore hope and encourage action with a new spectacular adventure.

I am writing to you today to unveil my new adventure, teaming up with engineer Raphaël Dinelli for the first non-stop, round-the-world journey in a green hydrogen-powered aircraft.

Named ‘Climate Impulse’, this historical flight planned in 2028 aims to be a flagship for climate action, showcasing how efficient solutions can set the world on a sustainable course.

Finding sustainable ways for humanity to function has never been so urgent; yet ecology divides and suffers from political demagogy all over the world.

Climate Impulse is in spirit and in practice the heir of the Breitling Orbiter, of Solar Impulse and of its Foundation, dedicated to the identification and promotion of clean and efficient solutions, good for the environment and good for the economy. The Climate Impulse aircraft is the child of that vision, one that will be the living proof that we can do better with less, carrying that message across the globe in 10 days. The intention is to revolutionise the skies and aviation while making a lasting contribution to the ecological transition.

I intend, similarly to what we did with the Foundation and will continue to do, to spark a global movement, to give hope, showcase solutions and bring pioneer spirit to the forefront of climate action.

Showing other ways of thinking is what has always defined Raphaël and I, through our own achievements. Going beyond the obvious is what can and will make climate action a reality, one that federates through the opportunity it represents.

Syensqo (formerly part of Solvay) was the first and main technological partner to team up with me nearly 20 years ago with the Solar Impulse flight. This time again, Syensqo will put its extensive expertise and innovation power to the adventure by enabling the manufacture of the plane with tailor made materials. 
I am counting on you to share the Reveal Video, follow us everywhere you can on social media @ClimateImpulse and #BeTheImpulse in your own community.

As always, I am counting on you to be part of this unparalleled journey through the skies, because what we do up there can be an example of what we can do down here!
With pioneering spirit,
Bertrand Piccard


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Noniin, sillälailla. Ekopessimismi väistyy kun moderni tutkimusmatkailija päräyttää maailman ympäri vetylentokoneella. Haluan henkilökohtaisesti kiittää ja ylistää Bertrand Piccardia maailman pelastamisesta, sydämeni vallan lähkähtyy toivosta tämän esimerkillisen ilmastoteon edessä!

VMP (ei varamiespalvelu vaan se toinen).

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