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[17 MAY | 11z - 17z] Helsinki-Vantaa RFE

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Helsinki-Vantaa RFE | Sunday May 17th 1100z - 1700z


Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK) is one of the busiest Nordic airports and a hub for Finnair, Nordic Regional Airlines and Norwegian.

On May 17th from 1100 UTC til 1700 UTC the Nordic Region division offers you the possibility to fly in and out of Helsinki with full ATC coverage.


There are 190 commercial flights to choose from with equipment variying from the A340-300 and B788 to the E190, B717 and a good amount of turboprops, especially the ATR72-500.

Book your flight(s) in our booking system.


Before starting your flight to or from Helsinki, please read our pilot briefing, which will be published on the event website and in the Nordic Region forum a couple of days before the event.


If you are interested in participating as ATC, please reply to this post. Unlike other events you can only express your availability. You can apply for a ATC position until May 12th. The final ATC list will be published soon after.


We look forward to seeing you in the Nordic skies!



Charts: Click here




FSX Payware: Mega Airport Helsinki

FSX Freeware: FISD EFHK-Helsinki Vantaa

FS9 Freeware: FISD EFHK-Helsinki Vantaa

X-Plane Freeware: EFHK Helsinki Airport Finland



Pilot briefing: Will be available soon




- Departing flights shouldn't connect 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and make sure you are at the assigned gate when connecting;

- Arriving flights are requested to disconnect as soon as possible after reaching the assigned gate/stand.

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