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Fellow Aviators,

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, but with a twist of sad news. For many or some of us, we know what the true significance of Easter entails as it was the time where Jesus the Son of God Died for our Sins. Unfortunately God also decided to take another one of his children that has been known to many of us for his passion for aviation and simulation within our community.

Tom Allensworth - Founder of the AVSIM website and forums was reported to have passed away at approximately 0530L (EST) on April 4th 2015. Two and half weeks prior to his passing, Tom had announced that he was suffering from Cancer and his days on earth were rather short lived: [ QUOTE] To state it directly; I am dying. I am dying from a carcinoma that started as a tumor in my stomach cavity that enwraps my stomach feeder vessels, kidneys, liver, the major blood vessels of the area and which are so embedded and wrapped around the maze of blood vessels and nerves that there is no cure except that of delay. The carcinoma has spread to most of my major organs. I have been given a pessimistic short 90 days of survival up to a lifetime number of 365 days. [END QUOTE]

The Majestic Software Team expresses our deepest sympathy to Tom's family and friends as they endure his loss. His days of suffering will be no more as he has been laid to rest. May his ETERNAL SOUL - REST IN PEACE.

Simeon (kroswynd)

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Farewell to Tom Allensworth



Hello all


I'm sorry to announce that I've just learned that Mr. Tom Allensworth has passed away from a terminal illness earlier this morning around 5:30 AM. I was notified by his sister who is a family member (aunt by marriage) of mine. I'm sure that there will be more information forthcoming as folks are made aware, but please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. Her message to me was "Tom passed this morning about 5:30a. Thanks for your prayers and kind words. AVSIM meant a lot to him and I'm sure he was aware of the support he from the AVSIM community".


Hopefully a moderator or someone else at the helm will take this message and post it appropriately.


Edit- Here's a link to his announcement of the situation a few weeks ago for those that may have not been expecting his passing.


Also, Thank you to those who have worked diligently to keep operations on-going.

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