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[12 DEC | 18z - 23z] [XN] The Christmas Fly-In to Finland!

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Christmas is arriving and the Nordic Division has the privilege to prepare the annual Christmas Fly-In. Like every year the

Rovaniemi airport faces huge amount of inbounds coming from all over the world. This year the date for the Fly-In is

the 12th of December. Like always the inbound amount is huge and for this reason the ATC is at its highest alert:

The whole Rovaniemi is completely fully staffed and we will also be having many Center controllers in Sweden

and Denmark to provide fluent traffic flow to the airport of Santa.



For Pilots:

  • Get the new AIRAC1412!. The Finnish airspace has gone trough a massive change during November. Almost all waypoints are renamed and also their places has changed. So to avoid huge amount of extra work for the controllers, please get the latest AIRAC. There will be possibility to get the old AIRAC pilots to the ground but we don't promise that they will be as fast as the others.
  • Listen to the channel. The ATC channel will be very busy and the controller does not have time to call all the pilots twice.
  • It is very important to apply carefully to the speed restrictions the ATC gives. They are there to make the traffic flow just better.
  • Take enough reserve fuel for holdings! I recommend 1 hour extra so you can hold at any altitude and still get there!
  • Please take care and go trough the charts(you can find them below) so you know the taxiways, holding places and so on!
  • And most importantly: Enjoy the mass rush to Rovaniemi!







FSX: FISD Rovaniemi (freeware)


FS2004: FISD Rovaniemi (freeware)


X-Plane: Gateway Rovaniemi (freeware)







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Noniin. Erittäin hyvin onnistunut eventti! Kiitos kaikille lentäjille ja lennonjohtajille! :thmbup:



















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