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Prepar3D:n päivitys versioon 2.2 on julkaistu

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Päivitys on ladattavissa joko patchina tai täydellisenä omalta Locheed Martin lataussivultasi.

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At a very high level, the Prepar3D v2.2 update has the following updates and addresses the following issues:

Autogen out of memory crashes

The inclusion of the v2.1 panels ‘hotfix’ that reverted changes to the ContentErrorLogging system that caused previously compatible aircraft to not work

New cloud shadows feature as well as several new shadow system optimizations

A new sample for the Prepar3D Development Kit (PDK) API – Oculus Rift integration

Native radar support for Prepar3D developers

A redesign and refactor of the legacy Flight Recorder system

A new FlightInstructor mode for SimDirector, as well as several other SimDirector enhancements

Several other community and developer issues resolved


Other issues resolved:

Resolved an issue where force feedback joysticks would not continue to rumble after an initial vehicle crash

Resolved a backwards compatibility issue where DTX 5 vegetation would flicker in several Orbx addons

Resolved a backwards compatibility issue with the airport lighting in Aerosoft airport addons

Resolved an issue where aircraft labels were not being drawn at the distance that was expected

Resolved an issue where ground visibility was limited to 50 miles

Resolved a crash where constantly spamming the pause and unpause in certain addon aircraft could crash the Prepar3D sound system

Resolved an issue where AI aircraft could swap texture sets

Resolved an issue certain stock airports were not rendering their taxiways

Resolved an issue where the modeling tools would not respond to EventID and CallbackJumpDragging tags

Threaded out several jobs to help prevent stutters in rendering the autogen systems

Resolved an issue where trees would render in and out with the camera rotating

Resolved a legacy issue with setting brake SimVars via SimConnect would not work as documented

Resolved an issue where render to texture views were not scaling correctly in 2D panels

Resolved an issue where IR views showed the sun as large squares

Disabled AA on clouds, particles and faded edges

Added additional sliders to the lighting settings page to independently control terrain and shadow draw distances

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