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[VATSIM]VATEUD transfer policy IVAO-->VATSIM

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New transfer policy within VATEUD: IVAO-->VATSIM



In order to encourage members from other networks and at the same time taking into consideration their virtual experience in the other network, VATEUD Training Department has implemented a standard transfer policy.



6.1 Transfers from IVAO


All transferring members are eligible to apply once for acceptance in the rating corresponding to their last rating held in IVAO for at least six months.

•   All IVAO members holding ACC (Center Controller)] level and above can apply for C1 Level.

•   All IVAO members holding APC (Approach Controller) level can apply for S3 level.

•   All IVAO members holding ADC (Aerodrome Controller) level can apply for S2 level.

•   Any IVAO member holding INS level or above wishing to transfer shall contact VATEUD1 or VATEUD2 directly. Since INS level is no controller rating but a functional rating a transfer shall usually take place to C1 level.



All transferring members will need to pass the relevant ATSimTest theory test for the target rating. The test can only be retaken twice after failing it.


The CPT for the targeted rating (and any rating level below if deemed necessary), will be conducted by the local vACC’s Training Department, as stipulated by Divisional Policy and the Global Rating Policy. The respective vACC must prove the candidate’s practical abilities for all rating levels up to and including the targeted rating, i.e. skills related to Controller Clients such as VRC or Euroscope. Practical Tests are to be conducted at the respective vACCs discretion.

For candidates with no official vACC, the VATEUD Training Department will assume responsibility for assessing the candidate’s proficiency.


In order to process a transfer application the followings are also required:

•   Recommendation or introduction from the relevant vACC Director.

•   Proof of IVAO Rating being claimed by the transferring member.


Refusal of transferring of the last hold rating in IVAO is at the discretion of VATEUD Training Department if the applicant...

•   … fails to submit evidence of the claimed IVAO rating.

•   … fails to meet the set rating requirements.

•   … proves to have bad VATSIM record.

•   … displays immature behavior.

•   … fails to understand and comply with the concepts of virtual controlling.

•   … fails to pass 3 consecutive tests.


Please note that the above policy is not mandatory. VATEUD Training Department will implement this policy upon receiving a transfer request from the relevant vACC Director. Otherwise, the General and Binding rules of minimum requirements for upgrading will apply.


Any further questions, email me!



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