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[VATSIM 5.5.2013 16-20Z] Slammin' Helsinki 2013

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It's time to pack your bags and head towards Helsinki Vantaa for an excellent spring evening with a fully staffed Finland's main airport. Helsinki Vantaa is the international and domestic hub for Finnair, the national carrier of Finland. Other operators includes: Blue1, Norwegian, FlyBe Nordic among others. Vantaa is also an important Finnair hub to Asia.


Take the opportunity to fly domestic within beautiful Finland, hop between Helsinki and one of Europe's city or take your "heavy" for a long haul to Asia or America. Either if you're flying VFR or IFR, long haul or short haul, expect great ATC staff, great spirit enroute and a lot of fun. Our friendly and professional controllers are waiting for your flight to and from Vantaa.


Charts: Finland AIP



FS2004: Fsnordic (freeware)

FSX: Mega Airport Helsinki (payware) / Fsnordic (freeware)

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