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  • Edge Blending
  • Poistaa mustat kehykset ikkunoista


Nthusim ei ole vieläkään lisäänyt ominaisuuksiin tuota reunanpehmennystä.




toinen vaihtoehto voisi olla:


Immersive Display Lite 2 v1.5


tässäkin reunanpehmennys. ja huikea 50eur hinta  :thmbup:



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Edge blending on listattu tulevien Nthusim kehityskohteiden listalle:


Hi all,


I've been looking through the forum tracking down feature requests that the users have requested.  Here is the list.  Let me know if I have missed any and I'll update the main list.


1. Open an image to make mapping easier


2. HotKeys - so far mentioned for:

    a) FPS Limiter

    b) Mouse cursor redraw location reset

    c) Take screenshots pre-warp.

    d) Enable/Disable warping in game


3. Onscreen overlay Diagnostic Information to what version of DirectX the game is running on startup


4. Edge Blending


5. Different colour control points(user selectable eg. red on left channel, green in middle channel, blue on right channel).


6. Checkbox option to load Nthusim on Startup.


7. Windows Desktop warping


8. WER report integration


9. FPS Limiter as a seperate application


Features we have added from user requests:


1.  FPS Limiter

2.  Mouse correction

3.  Load and save different configuration files

4.  New screen to help with alignment (press space to see it from version 2.2)

5.  Crop borders in FSX, FS9

6.  More DirectX versions now compatible.

7.  64-bit compatibility

8.  Lots of bug fixes/stability and games that previously didn't warp.


9. Undo/Redo (added in version 2.3.155)



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