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Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Original Aircraft 

New!  Boeing 727-200 Pack4 - The Final Stage 21st Century     



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The Vans Aircraft Company proudly presents "Boeing 727-200 The Final Stage 21st Century". This is the fourth package and contains the Boeing 727-200 QWRE "SUPER 27". The Boeing 727-200 is basically a combination of Boeing 727-200 RE and QW. This model perhaps is the less used by airlines in fact almost all of the operators are private. The Boeing 727-200 With winglets and re-engined with Pratt&Whitney JT8D-217 (engines of the MD-80's) in positions of engine 1 and 3. This gives about 6000lbs of extra thrust to the aircraft. The main characteristics are: And incredibly perfect replica of the aircraft. Every part and detail on the real aircraft you'll find it in this aircraft. Full moving parts according to standards (flaps, ailerons, elevators, landing gear, stab trim, dynamic shine, etc)Wing views, hi-low diferential ailerons activated by speed, Main door, cargo bay doors, service door, ventral stairs, loss of hydraulic pressure is prefectly simulated on the kreuguer flaps, ground services (catering, fuel truck, baggage belt, baggage truck, etc.) everything with an independent control from each other. The flight dynamics as always at Vans are based on procedure manuals, speed booklets and tested by real pilots. In this package we've included all the upgrades made it in the service pack 1. It is now fully compatible with force feeback joysticks and includes the dynamic shine in the cockit windows.





License: Freeware

Added: 13th August 2005

Downloads: 1332

Author: The Vans Aircraft Co.

Size: 5410kb


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PS: Komeat wingletit

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