Linjing Wu

CRJ Captain Position at China Express Airlines

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China Express announces changes in new recruitment policy, monthly salary will be raised to $15,000 on resident contract. Minimum requirements for flight hours is also updated. Please click the link at find the detailed information. GPR, along with China Express Airlines, is looking for qualified Captains to join the largest CRJ fleet in China.


Job Role: Captain


Type: Contract(2-Year)


Aircraft: CRJ-900


Minimum Requirements:


- 500+ total PIC hours on CRJ Series;

- valid ICAO ATPL with no limitation and restriction;

- less than 50 years of age;

- from a country that has diplomatic relations with China;

- ICAO English level 4 or above;

- Class 1 Medical Certificate issued by Civil Aviation Authorities of ICAO.


If you are interested in the above opportunity and wish to discuss more details, please send us your latest CV or any quires at .

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