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ANALYSIS: Is Europe's General Aviation industry turning a corner?

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EASA vakuuttaa kuuntelevansa yleis- ja harrasteilmailua ja toteuttavansa GA Roadmapin tavoitteet;

“GA is a high priority for EASA, which recognises that existing regulations may not necessarily be proportional to the risk exposure of GA,” says Trevor Woods, EASA’s standardisation director. “This roadmap will change the way we work with the industry. We are listening to you.”


“The roadmap is largely limited to leisure flying and initially to aircraft under 2,000kg [4,400lb]. In order to revive the struggling GA industry, it needs to apply the same principles across the light aircraft sector,” says Martin Robinson, senior vice-president of the European arm of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations.


IAOPA represents the interests of more than 23,000 members at regulatory bodies including the European Commission, EASA and Eurocontrol.


Mutta yleis- ja harrasteilmailu on lähtenyt taantumaan myös Iso-Britanniassa. Heräsikö EU ja EASA liian myöhään?

In 2005, the UK CAA issued about 3,500 PPLs, notes Robinson. “That number fell to 2,500 in 2014 and fewer than 40% of pilots are renewing their licences,” he adds. These statistics are mirrored by a recent CAA study, which found that flying activity at flying schools and aerodromes across the UK has declined by around 40% since 2005.


Lento- ja koulutustoiminnan kustannukset ovat huolena ympäri Eurooppaa;

“Without the pilots, you don’t have an industry,” says Robinson, “but the cost of continuing to fly or taking up flying has simply become too prohibitive for many.”


The implementation of Part M maintenance regulations and the continuing airworthiness management organisation (CAMO) system have proved costly for many owners and training companies. “The CAMO has not only driven up maintenance costs by 25% on average for traditional fixed-wing aircraft – more for rotary types – it has contributed to the decline in the number of hours flown because administration is soaking up so much of the available cash,” says Robinson.


Yhteenvetona tavoitteet yleis- ja harrasteilmailun saattamiseksi kasvuun;

“Remove the CAMO for all light aircraft and put the money back into flying,” Robinson asserts. “Increased administration doesn’t improve safety. A well-trained pilot improves safety,” says Robinson.


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