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Pilatus PC-6 luokkakelpuutuskoulutus

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Aviastar Helsinki Oy kouluttaa jälleen Pilatus PC-6 -luokkakelpuutuksia. Parille on vielä tilaa.


PC6 Class rating course


The course will held at Turku airport. Course will include 20 hrs of theory lessons and 5 hour block time flight training at minimum. Airplane rent and fuel for the proficiency test is included in the course price. However examiners fee is not included. Examiner fee is 250€ of which one will get a receipt with deductible VAT.


In the course price is not included: Accommodation, meals, transport to the airport or any other individual related costs.


We can assist with the acco and transport to the airport and back.



Course will begin on 28th of September with a 2 day theory training. Which after a following week the flights takes place. First takeoff and last landing will be done at EFTU, flight training mostly at EFOP. As we are at autumn and in Finland there is a small possibility of a weather issue, that will dealt at the site and according individual needs.


First preflight brief will be held 0900 at the airport.


Prepare to use a whole week for flights so,that everyone will be ready, checks done and tempo ratings written on an EASA licence on Friday.


About training organisation and course

Aviastar Helsinki Oy is an approved training organisation (ATO) with an approval certificate FI  ATO 2018 (attached) granted by CAA Finland. The training will be arranged according to approved training syllabus.


Each student will receive an electronic copy of a PC6 general flight manual and an excellent Pilatus PC-6 electronic study book. Both items will be in english and are downloadable once the initial payment has been made. Sooner the enrollment is paid, sooner the material is on the hand of a student.



Price and payment schedule

Price for the course is 5550€+ VAT (24%) if applicable. At the enrollment a 1000€+VAT shall be invoiced and paid. Rest 4550€ shall be paid and proved prior to the first flight.


Electronic trim (H4) conversion

Despite what has been told earlier the differential training for electronic trim (H4) aircraft is also available. It is a subject of smooth progression of the course and timetables/weather and with an additional cost of 500€+VAT.



Course will be flown with #637, OH-WSA an -67 model of a PC6-B2H2 with PT6A-27 engine and Beringer wheels mod. Aircraft is equipped with manual flap and trim system.





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