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Helikopterit törmäsivät poliisien harjoituksessa Berliinissä

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Syistä on nyt esitetty arvioita:


A rotorwash-generated white-out appears to have been a significant contributory factor to the 21 March fatal collision of two German Federal Police helicopters while on a training exercise at Berlin's Olympic Stadium.


According to the initial findings of Germany's BFU air accident investigation agency, the three-ship flight attempted to land at around 10:28 local time, having completed two circuits of the landing area.


However, as the AS332 manoeuvred into position, a snow cloud generated by its own rotorwash and a preceding Super Puma's 30s touchdown appears to have obscured a third aircraft, an EC155, which had already landed, says the BFU. The two heavier aircraft had also switched their agreed landing positions, it adds.


As the first Super Puma descended, with two pilots and 13 police officers on board, it collided with the EC155, rolling to the right and it "rolled in the snow cloud [and] completely disappeared", says the BFU. "From the snow cloud rotor blade pieces and other parts then flew out."

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