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Boeing; satoja tuhansia lentäjiä ja mekaanikkoja tarvitaan tulevina vuosina

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Boeingin mukaan alla olevien taulukkojen verran tarvitaan uusia lentäjiä ja mekaanikkoja seuraavien 18 vuoden aikana.


Report: Asia-Pacific Needs Thousands of New Pilots, Aircraft Technicians


The Asia Pacific region will need hundreds of thousands of new commercial airline pilots and maintenance technicians over the next 20 years to support aircraft modernization and growing air travel demand, according to a Boeing report released Monday.


In its 2012 Pilot and Technician Outlook report, Boeing said the region will need 185,600 new pilots and 243,500 new technicians by the year 2030, with China leading the region in terms of demand.


In its 20-year forecast released in July, Boeing predicted the Asia-Pacific region would take delivery of 12,030 new aircraft by the year 2031.


“This great need for aviation personnel is a global issue, but it's hitting the Asia Pacific region particularly hard,” said Bob Bellitto, global sales director for Boeing. “Some airlines are already experiencing delays and operational interruptions because they don't have enough qualified pilots. Surging economies in the region are driving travel demand. Airlines and training providers need new and more engaging ways to fill the pipeline of pilots and technicians for the future.”


Here’s how the rest of the world breaks down in terms of demand for new pilots and technicians over the next 20 years according to Boeing’s new report:


New Pilots by 2030

1. Asia Pacific – 185,600

2. Europe – 100,900

3. North America – 69,000

4. Latin America – 42,000

5. Middle East – 36,100


New Technicians by 2030

1. Asia Pacific – 243,500

2. Europe – 129,700

3. North America – 92,500

4. Middle East – 53,700

5. Latin America – 47,300

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