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GSL Leningrad and Finnish Sea

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Sim Outhousessa Rami on tekemässä sceneryä CFS2:een ja toivoo apua:


Now that I have the scenery, I wish to announce that Tobob and I have entered our latest joint project...GSL Leningrad and Finnish Sea. As you know from installing Rhumbaflappy's new watermasks, it made a mess of Finland and Leningrad. To correct this, some of the old Finnish Sea airbases had to be moved.


In the process of doing so, the object macros built into the original .bgl files were wiped out. This provided a perfect opportunity to rework the bitmaps and match them much closer to the surrounding textures, which tobob did, but also now provides an opportunity for GSL bases where none existed previously.


The Leningrad GSL scenery will also have custom-made, multi-res, destroyable objects, such as the ones displayed by tobob, as well as trestles and bridges. We are working together to help build the city.


Where I will need assistance is from our hard-core researchers. If anyone has any intelligence or especially photographs of what the Finnish bases looked like in terms of equipment, (bunkers, hangars, trees, etc.) I will try to match them up as closely as possible. I have this image of Canion's Kursk (blink and you miss them!) airfields for Finland, but I have NO idea whether my ideas are accurate, and since we have an opportunity to create GSL bases here, I'd like to strive for some authenticity!


Assistance would be most appreciated


Löytyisiköhän täältä joku joka voisi auttaa miestä mäessä?

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