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Air Canada vs Westjet

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Tässäpä ote Globe and Mail:in viimeisimmästä uutisesta koskien Air Canada vs Westjet juttua. Vähän kaukanahan nämä tapahtumat ovat, mutta osoittavat kuitenkin sen, miten pitkälle (ilmeisesti) lentoyhtiöt menevät saadakseen matkustajat kilpailijoilta pois.



Air Canada's new exhibits include five e-mails written by WestJet co-founder Mark Hill, who copied them to airline chief executive officer Clive Beddoe and other WestJet brass. The amended statement of claim by Air Canada added Mr. Beddoe and four other Calgarians -- three WestJet managers and one former vice-president -- to its list of defendants. Mr. Hill, previously named as a defendant, resigned as vice-president of strategic planning in July.


In total, Air Canada lawyer Brian Radnoff attached eight exhibits to his affidavit filed Friday in the Ontario Superior Court to support Air Canada's $220-million lawsuit that accuses Calgary-based WestJet of engaging in corporate espionage.


In its Friday news release, WestJet said it isn't impressed with Air Canada's latest court motions, alleging the airline's losses stem from "selling seats on flights for less than cost, its high-cost structure and the poor treatment of its customers


But Air Canada asserts in new court filings that Mr. Hill manually gathered website information with the help of a spreadsheet for six months starting in March, 2003. WestJet and Mr. Hill then allegedly helped create a computer program to electronically "scrape" the special website to automatically obtain sensitive data, beginning in September, 2003, and lasting until March, 2004.



The Globe and Mail, Monday, November 8, 2004 - Page B1 (www.theglobeandmail.com)

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