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Super jumbo jet Airbus a380 EFHK:lle 15.9

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Tästä tietää varmaan jo aika moni mutta siis super jumbo on tulossa EFHK:lle.

Kaveri sai tämmösen viestin facebookissa:


"Dear **** *****,If you are fascinated by aircrafts you have all the reasons to become excited now: On 15 September at 14:45 the biggest aircraft in the world, the Lufthansa A380, is planned to land at Helsinki Vantaa Airport. This is the first time ever the Airbus A380 comes landing in Finland. Further we have many... worldwide destinations on autumn sale,

e.g. Beijing, Johannesburg and Tokyo which are all served by the A380.

And when you have booked your tickets, learn more about our convenient eFly Services and how you can save valuable time before your flight and enjoy a relaxing way to travel"


En tiedä ollenkaan jos tämä on uutinen, mutta minulle ainakin oli :)

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