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SAS luopuu MD-90-koneistaan

6 viestiä aiheessa

SAS:n MD-90-laivasto nayttaa paatyvan Deltalle:


SAS is phasing out all of its MD-90 aircraft


SAS Group has entered into 5-year leases covering its eight MD-90-30

aircraft with an undisclosed US airline. The eight aircraft will be

delivered in a phase out schedule starting Q3-2010 and ending Q2-2011.

The MD-90 has, in terms of number of aircraft, been a niche aircraft in

the SAS Group fleet and this transaction fits very well in to SAS

initiative to simplify and standardize its fleet and thereby reduce the

number of aircraft types used in its total fleet. The average age of the

MD- 90's is 13.5 years.


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