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SAS myy Estonian Airin

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SAS signs agreement to divest in Estonian Air


Since 2003 SAS has a 49% ownership in the Estonian based Estonian Air.

According to the Core SAS strategy with focus on the Nordic home market

this stake has been set out for divestment. 


Today the SAS Group has reached an agreement, in principle, with the

Estonian Government that will result in SAS divesting its 49% stake. The

Estonian Government will provide approx MSEK 205 of new capital in a new

rights issue and SAS will convert approx MSEK 20 in loans into equity.

After the rights issue the Estonian Government will hold 90% and SAS 10%

of Estonian Air. SAS will remain lender of approx MSEK 70 in loans with

a maturity in 2014.


The transaction is neutral to profit and liquidity of the SAS Group.

Estonian Air has an option to buy SAS remaining stake and SAS has the

option to sell its stake at Fair Market Value after 4 years.


SAS will continue its commercial cooperation with Estonian Air.

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