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Lightning T5 ZU-BEX tippunut alas Thunder Cityssä

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Via Martin Greenman:


Air Accident Privately Owned Lightning T5 ZU-BEX (ex-RAF XS451) Thunder

City, SAAF Overberg Airshow, Bredasdorp, 14/11/09 approx 12:15

During a flight display, the aircraft experienced technical difficulties,

possibly with the hydraulics. The aircraft subsequently crashed 5km North of

the airfield but the pilot did not eject and received fatal injuries. Some

Internet reports suggested that the ejection system failed.

The South African CAA, who are performing the investigation, contacted BAE

Systems to request copies of the technical and maintenance data relating to

the hydraulics and ejection systems for this type. After retrieval from the

North West Heritage Group, these were duly sent to the investigators. A

photograph, taken shortly before the crash, has appeared on the Internet

showing clear evidence of a fire under the lower jet pipe in the vicinity of

the tailplane PFCU.


The pilot was Dave Stock.

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