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I'm sure he thought this would get him laid:

http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=228317 (in Norwegian)

http://pub.tv2.no/TV2/nyhetene/article230847.ece (ditto)


Seems this little prankster decided to use the emergency radio frequency and pretend that he was in a plane about to crash outside the coast of norway.


He said his engine was on fire, and that he had to perform a emergency landing, and he wasn't sure he'd make it. After that he 'screamed for 10 minutes' according to the newssites, before he stopped transmitting.


The 20 year old managed to get helicopters, airplanes and 7 boats searching for him for hours, until the prank got revealed. Unfortunately the sites don't say how it got revealed, but he probably turned himself in.


The reason they thought the messages was real was that he used information and sounds(!) from a plane simulator to make it more convincing


The fun part:


They're now demanding close to $74000 dollars for the rescue, and apparently that's getting off cheap because the coastguard isn't demanding to get their expenses covered.


Good Game, asshole!


Here's his picture:



I'm sure this buttertroll thought he would be a HUGE hit with the girls of the North country.


F*cking asshole.

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Joo, ihme juttuja riittää. Vertaa esim. Mathias Rustin matka Malmilta C-172:lla Punaiselle torille Moskovaan. Tai siihen, kuinka paljon hätäraketteja ammutaan Suomen rannikolla ilmaan "huvin" vuoksi.

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