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  1. Myydään ylimääräiseksi jäänyt Vertex Standard VXA-220 Pro VI ilmailuradio (transceiver). Käsiradion kunto on hyvä, lataus-standi tulee mukaan, latausjohdossa US-mallinen seinäpistoke (alkuperäinen johto hävinnyt jonnekin), mutta johdon voi helposti korvata vastaavalla EU-johdolla tai käyttää adapteria. Headset-plugin johtohaara ja manuaali löytyy myös mutta eri paikkakunnalla, voin postittaa ostajalle myöhemmin mikäli tarpeen. Nouto Vantaalta/Helsingistä, yksityisviesti tai email. MYYTY Rugged and Submersible Construction (3 feet / 1 m for 30 minutes): The VXA-220 is built inside a rugged Aluminum case, carefully sealed to protect against water ingress. Built to survive immersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of three feet, VXA-220 can keep you communicating even if it gets wet due to severe weather or unforeseen water landings. Loud Audio (700 mW): Ideal for reception in noisy environments, high-powered audio of the VXA-220 is coupled to a large internal speaker, assuring solid copy throughout difficult and noisy conditions. 5-Watts TX Output Power (at 7.2 V. 5 W P.E.P typ., 1.5 W carrier): For reliable communications over difficult communications paths, the VXA-220 provides 5 Watts (PEP) of transmitter power (1.5 W carrier). With its excellent audio clarity, the VXA-220’s transmitter will get your message through. 250 Memory Channels (Incl. Pre-Programmed Book Memory Channels): The 150 regular memory channels and 100 pre-programmed “Book” memory channels can store just about any commonly-used operating frequencies that you choose. The memories may also be labeled with an Alpha-numeric title of up to 8 characters, for easy recognition. 8 Character Alpha Numeric Display: Providing an Alphanumeric Channel Label of up to 8 characters, the LCD display also provides convenient operating function icons to provide instant recognition of radio statuses. Back-lit Keypad and Display with Dimmer: For quick access to operating frequencies, simply enter the frequency information directly from the 17 button keypad, then press the “Push To Talk” (PTT) button to transmit. There is no need to store frequencies in memory before operating. NOAA Weather Alert (U.S.A. Only):The VXA-220 includes a special feature that sounds an alarm when the special "Severe Weather" alert tone is received from a Weather Broadcast station. This warns you of potentially hazardous flying conditions. RX Battery Saver: This feature is designed to maximize the life of the transceiver’s battery. When the VXA-220 is in the standby mode the battery saver de-energizes the transceiver’s circuitry, waking it up at user-selected intervals to sample for radioactivity. If no activity is detected the Pilot goes back into its sleep mode. Current consumption is minimized, thereby maximizing battery life. This feature is only found on Vertex Standard Airband transceivers. One Touch Emergency Frequency (121.5 MHz) Access: For lightning-fast access to the 121.5 MHz Emergency Frequency, a dedicated key on the front panel assures you of no delays in summoning help in an emergency. Other Features VOX Operation (Voice Activated Transmit/Receive switching) Automatic Noise Limiter One-Touch Squelch (Monitor) Control External DC Jack (12V) 8.33 or 25 kHz Channel Steps Stop Watch and Count Down Timers Easy-to use Menu System for Custom Configuration PC Programmable (Requires programming cable CT-29+CT-97 and software CE88)